Infrastructure for e-Learning on ICT (digital) competencies in IICT-BAS

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IT4Sec Reports, Number 144 (2022)


Authoring tools, digital learning infrastructure, digital transformation, e-learning, e-learning systems, educational technologies, LMS


In implementation of the Strategy for development of IICT-BAS until 2030 (2019) and in particular the goal of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, cyber resilience and economy in the management of IT resources of IICT-BAS and the transition from resource management to service management in 2020 was initiated project "ZORA", one of the main activities is to build e-training infrastructure, as a basis for the digital transformation of educational processes. Within the project, the team developed a pilot project with the implementation of an e-learning system and the development of interactive online courses. The report reflects the results of the activity, the performed comparative analyzes of different software solutions and recommendations for optimization based on the experience gained from the pilot project and the analysis of the efficiency.

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