The Variety of University Cyber Security Programs - Is it Useful and Justified?

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CSDM Views, Number 41 (2020)


bachelor program, Cybersecurity, higher education, master program


<p>Cybersecurity capabilities have long been not a luxury but a real necessity stemming from the development of technology and the associated threats, vulnerabilities and risks. A key component of these capabilities are the cybersecurity experts, who contribute their knowledge, skills and experience. In this regard, universities&#39; efforts to launch cybersecurity programs seem justified and understandable. Is it possible that competition between universities and oversaturation with the university programs in the field of cybersecurity will lead to an unjustified expansion of the portfolio of taught knowledge and a shift in the focus from building the required capabilities? This report seeks answer to this and related questions on the academic contribution to cybersecurity.</p>

Last updated: Tuesday, 05 January 2021