Challenges of Multinational Acquisition of Capabilities in Black Sea Format

Тип публикация:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 27, Issue 2, p.174-182 (2011)

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BlackSeaFor, common threat perception, cooperative procurement, levels of ambition, Life cycle management, regional security


Countries in the Black Sea region already cooperate in the search of higher levels of security. The cooperation so far is at the level of coordinating some operational activities of Black Sea navies and regular training. In the search of efficiencies, the authors reason that this cooperation may be expanded to encompass cooperative procurement and maintenance of certain capabilities. Before embarking on such cooperative projects, participating countries need to overcome a number of policy, legal, managerial and technical challenges. The authors conclude that most promising would be cooperative initiatives at enhancing maritime surveillance, situational awareness, and consultations, command and control infrastructure, as well as the joint development, maintenance and use of training ranges and advanced simulation and training systems and joint acquisition and sharing of search and rescue capabilities.

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