Developing an Architecture for Naval Sovereignty Operations Center

Тип публикация:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 16, p.29-37 (2005)

ключови думи:

C2, C4ISR, DoD Architecture Framework, Enterprise Architecture, Environmental Protection, Maritime Security, Safety of Shipping, Sea Surveillance, Search and Rescue


The article summarizes the results of a comprehensive study in support of the acquisition of an advanced C4ISR system for the Navy of the Republic of Bulgaria. A small interdisciplinary team in six months has designed the essential operational views of the architecture of a complex system that provides for maritime sovereignty operations and control of sea traffic. Main challenges, such as lack of development standards, adequate procedures, and doctrinal documents, are briefly described. The approach may be used by NATO and partner countries that envision joint development and acquisition of C2 and surveillance systems.

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