Interactive Simulations in Support of Decision Making on Defence Resource Allocation

Тип публикация:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 23, Issue 1, p.129-140 (2009)

ключови думи:

budgeting, defence capa­bilities, defence institution building., defence policy, force structure, Gaming, long-term defence planning, Programming, Uncertainty


This article describes the approach and the experience of the Defence and Force Management Department at the “G.S. Rakovski” Defence and Staff Col­lege in conducting interactive simulations that support decision making on force structure, force development programs, and the respective allocation of resources. The primary purpose of the simulation is to educate students, mostly senior military and civilian MOD personnel, in the intricacies of defence planning in a changing environment, and to provide ‘hands on’ experience in defence programming and budgeting. In addition, it allows exploring the space of potential policy alternatives, force structuring and programming decisions, thus serving as a powerful decision support

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